Important Information for beginners

  • Beginners are welcome to join the fundamentals classes:
    • Monday to Thursday
    • 12 – 1pm (lunchtime class) 5 – 6pm 
    • You must book your class online via the ‘Book Now’ link on our website or Facebook page.

What should I bring to class?

  • The important things to remember are:
    • Please wear a long-sleeved rash guard and long tights (underneath shorts if you prefer).
    • If the rash guard and the tights are brand new, please WASH it few times before showing up to the class. This prevents fabric dye from staining our mats. 
    • Please ensure your clothing is without any zips or metal parts. Please bring a pair of jandals, these must be worn when walking around off the mats. 
    • Please cut all of your nails and shower before the class. 
    • The code to access our academy is 0552+bell. 
    • Please scan in and use hand sanitiser upon entering the club. 
    • Please watch this introduction video.

Is the first class free?

  • Yes, the first class is free.
    • Come to one of our beginner’s classes
    • lunchtime from 12 to 1 pm or 5 pm to 6 pm 
    • from Monday to Thursday
    • Introduce yourself to Prof. Vanderson and have a go!

Do I need to buy a Gi after the first session?
We do sell Gis at the club. We can discuss this if you decide to sign up.

Is there any contract?

  • We don’t have a locked-in contract.
    • You sign up for a membership and the fee is paid via automatic payment.
    • We kindly request 14 days notice should you wish to cancel this membership.
    • We encourage you to attend our regular classes for at least 6 months so you can gain a basic understanding of BJJ.
    • Like any other skill, BJJ requires discipline and consistency.

When do I change my belt?

  • This is something very personal.
    • It depends on you.
    • The more disciplined and consistent you are, the faster you will progress.
    • Check out our Youtube channel for guidance on the fundamentals of BJJ.

      Please watch this video for more information about our classes: